Recovery Coaching

We offer you individualized mental illness recovery coaching
from experts with lived experience and training.

The Recovery Journey

I have been living with severe bipolar I disorder for over 15 years and am now in recovery. My recovery journey has been challenging for me and my loved ones. I went from doing everything wrong to pursuing recovery with discipline and determination in collaboration with my doctors, family, and friends.

My journey took me from:

  • Multiple relapses and hospitalizations to stability
  • Suicidal depression to hope and aspiration
  • Denial to acceptance
  • Withdrawal and isolation to active engagement
  • Personal neglect to self-care and wellness
  • Treatment non-adherence to active and full compliance
  • Contentious relationships to effective partnerships
  • Unemployed to entrepreneur and community advocate
I can offer the insights of lived experience as a complement to your existing care team. Peers have a unique understanding of the mental illness experience and recovery journey. Peers can relate, understand, and share relevant insights with each other. I have experience as both a patient and caregiver and understand the complexities of patient-caregiver relationships.

Let me help you find common ground with your loved one to build hope, better treatment outcomes, and stronger relationships by:

  • Inspiring hope and demonstrating the possibilities of living with mental illness
  • Employing strategies to better interact with health care providers based on shared decision-making
  • Helping define life goals grounded in medical stability and recovery-focused self-care practices
  • Promoting better communication between you and your loved one to grow caring partnerships
We look forward to helping you and your loved one on your Recovery Journey.
More About Me
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