Recovery Coaching by Peersights

Our mission is to inspire hope that recovery is possible
with the love and support of friends and family.
When dealing with chronic mental health problems, it can often be useful for both people living with conditions and their caregivers to have mentorship from someone who has been through similar experiences. They can help navigate the fears and uncertainties that may lie ahead. At Recovery Coaching by Peersights, we have first-hand knowledge and experience managing the many issues and challenges that come with bipolar disorder and depression. These include:
  • Countering reluctance to seek help
  • Understanding and accepting a diagnosis
  • Moving past shame and stigma
  • Overcoming withdrawal and isolation
  • Dealing with relapses and hospitalizations
  • Finding ways to deal with non-compliance
  • Knowing what questions to ask your doctor
  • Talking about difficult topics like suicide
  • Transitioning back to work or school
  • Regaining self-respect and a sense of wellness
  • Managing personal and professional relationships
  • Fostering, inspiring and sustaining hope
Our insights can complement therapy or other treatments by bringing mentorship to the recovery process.

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