Psych Ward Greeting Cards

Psych Ward Greeting Cards makes it easy for empathic and compassionate people to let patients in the psych ward know that people, even strangers, care about them and support them. ForLikeMinds created and manages this program to deliver greeting cards from strangers to psychiatric patients at participating hospitals. As insignificant as it may seem, sharing a card can have a wonderful impact when a patient is at their lows – offering help, encouragement, and hope.

We make it easy to show patients in the psych ward you care.
Make a card. Send it to us. And we’ll deliver it to the psych ward.

If you would like to support patients in the psych ward:
  • Please Decorate and Donate Cards. You can send cards with your own message and/or decoration or blank cards. Decorate your cards, including an inspirational and hopeful message such as “get well soon”, “have hope”, “you can recover”, or whatever hopeful message you like. Send the cards to us.
A few considerations:
    • Please do not send gifts.
    • Please do not include faith-based messages since we currently are unable to control the distribution of cards to individual recipients. In the future we hope to be able to deliver cards with faith-based messages directly to recipients with a faith or religious backgrounds.
    • Please do not worry about your anonymity. We will only deliver cards and not the envelope they were mailed in. Please do not include identifying information in the card.
  • Please Donate Card Message Inserts. Please send us anything flat such as a non-faith-based card with a quote, poem, or motivational message, which may be easily inserted into a card. We will insert these items into the blank cards we receive.
  • Please Donate Postage Stamps. U.S. and Canadian stamps.
  • Please Donate Materials. Please donate materials. We will seek to work with local organizations on card decorating projects. To facilitate this work we need blank cards, stickers, decorative stamps, stamp pads, markers, glitter sticks, pens, pencils, coloring pencils, and crayons - basically, anything you think will help people decorate cards.
  • Please donate. Please consider making a donation by check to cover our expenses, such as materials and shipping. 100% of funds donated will be applied to this project. If you’d like to do so, please make your check payable to Real MH Works, LLC and mail it to us.
  • Please partner with us. We would love to partner with your organization, including non-profits, support groups, schools, clubs, etc. Please contact us.
  • Please suggest a potential hospital partner. Please contact us indicating the name of the hospital with the contact person and email address. We will reach out to them to participate in a card sending program for their psychiatric patients.

Mail all items to:
Real MH Works, LLC
P.O. Box 231259
NY, NY 10023 U.S.

Note: All cards will be delivered to a hospital for delivery to psychiatric patients. Cards received from the U.S. will be delivered to U.S. hospitals and cards received from Canada will be delivered to Canadian hospitals.

I am a hospital with a psychiatric unit, and we would like to receive cards for our patients: please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Testimonial: "Receiving the get well cards from "ForLikeMinds" was a breath of inspiration! Our inpatient peers were very touched, both by the beautiful designs and by the messages of hope and recovery. Knowing that strangers -- some of them in recovery themselves took the time to send these heartfelt messages, gave them a feeling of support and sustenance. In fact, several of our peers decided to make their own cards to contribute to the "ForLikeMinds" program! We look forward to an ongoing connection with this wonderful outreach initiative."
Chaya Weinstein, Occupational Therapist
Payne Whitney Clinic, New York-Presbyterian

Thank you, Mom + Dad for:
All the cards you sent to me
Lovingly decorated with XOs
My 3x in the psych ward
They reminded me of you
Helped me at my lowest

I kept them, you by my side
I want to share that feeling
With others just like me, xo

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