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We love anonymous and signed submissions for our blog and social media accounts.

Thank you very much for your interest in writing for Our goal is to be the destination for people with mental health and substance use conditions and those who support them to connect and share their experiences and perspectives. We are very grateful that you are willing to share your experiences with our community. Sharing personal experiences and insights creates the connections that allow us to overcome the stigma and loneliness too often associated with a mental health and substance use condition.

We invite submissions across a broad range of topics, experiences, and perspectives - Everyday. Onset. Triggers. Diagnosis. Treatment. Management. Recovery. What matters. What doesn’t matter. What helps. What doesn’t help. Kindest experience. Good times. Tough times. Life changes. Life lessons. Proudest moments. Regrets. Appreciation. Inspirations. Influences. Achievements. Goals. Hopes.

Submission Guidelines

We have just a few guidelines. We recognize that people have different writing styles, experiences, and perspectives. We want the content to be as accessible and useful as possible for our members. We want to limit the need to edit your words or decline submissions that don’t satisfy these goals. We therefore ask that you keep your writing:

  • Brief
    • Blog submissions should be no more than 1,500 words in length.
    • Social media submissions should be no more than 250 words in length. Please include text and pictures you would like us to post to our social media.
  • Clear – Please write in a way that a wide audience can understand. Simple, clear language can be the most impactful. It makes it easier for people to connect with your experience.
  • Honest – Don’t intentionally misquote or lie. We need true stories and perspectives to which people can relate.
  • Authentic – We want our submissions to be relatable and actionable to the broader community. We find that the most impactful stories are personal. Often they are about issues people are afraid to discuss. These issues are not unique to you. Sharing them with the community may help others breakdown powerful emotional barriers.
  • Respectful – Use respectful language. Do not criticize, embarrass, or harass other members. We are a tolerant community. This is a safe place. Also, respect the privacy of other users and people mentioned in your submission. Do not share identifying details of others unless given explicit permission by them.

We may also edit your submission.

Contact us through the link on our homepage with the subject line “Submission”.

Submissions should also include a brief biography (2-3 sentences). If you would also like to reveal your real name, please include it in your bio as you would like it published. Otherwise, we will keep your identity anonymous. If your submission is published on the blog, we will include this short bio.

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