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Connect with people like you - living with or supporting someone with mental illness, substance use, or a stressful life event.
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The journey to recovery and wellness starts with hope and is nourished by the support of like minds sharing their lived experience:
With support hope takes root and starts to grow.
It blooms into recovery...
And matures into wellness.

A Letter from our Founder

I was diagnosed with depression and then bipolar disorder over 15 years ago while a graduate student. Like so many of us, the stigma associated with mental illness kept me silent and in denial about my condition, making it only worse. Bipolar disorder impacted every aspect of my life. I felt alone and isolated. At times, I thought my life was over. At my lowest, I experienced suicidal depression. I lost hope.

Accepting my family’s loving support and connecting with other people were critical to my recovery. The example of others taking on similar challenges gave me the hope that I could too.

I was awed and inspired by the great courage and strength of our community. Once I finally achieved recovery, I realized that too many people like me continue to suffer in silence. But there is hope.

My spouse and I created ForLikeMinds to help people like us achieve recovery and wellness. We are a people-driven platform. ForLikeMinds allows people living with or supporting someone with mental illness, substance use, or a stressful life event to find, share, support, and inspire each other - to give and receive hope. You are not alone. Please join us.

Call us a weed

We proliferate in the most surprising places

Do not cast us aside, for we shall not wither nor die

Take a closer look and see the power to survive and thrive push from deep within

It is a light that shines through the shadow cast by stark stigma


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